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Originally Posted by moto-treks View Post
Yes, two wheel dyno works run by Nels. When I was there he recieved a call from Redline so he is now going to be tuning their AMA super bikes.

I don't see a need for a heat shield. I know it may help gain some more HP but I really don't need anymore. The 990 had tons of power before and now it has butt loads

The graph above is not stock compared to the CPR, its the CPR with the stock AKRA map compared to a custom map. I'd say just adding the CPR had a simialar gain over stock. I would have been happy with just the AKRA map but I wasn't sure if the mapping was right for this setup. As it turned out, the 990 was very happy with the standard AKRA map, it's just more happy now

Great thanks for the info.

Do you have any mpg numbers yet ?

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