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Well, while I was out on my wedding/honeymoon vacation, my keg of Kolsch and my keg of Blonde were just hitting the gas to carb up, my Bourbon Barrel ale was in its cool spot aging, and my Wee Heavy was sequestered to the fridge to continue its aging in a cold place (more a aging preservation spot, I know not much actual aging occurs at fridge temps), as while I was gone the house was going to be allowed to get up to 85deg and thats too hot for my poor beers..

And then the power went out because of the storm for 5 days during this heat wave. It came on during the day while we were on our way home.
Everything in the fridge is a total loss. Interior of the house got up to 92. Bourbon Barrel popped two bottles, chilling to taste one now. Kolsch is RUINED. Tastes like nasty aftertasted skunk water, gonna dump it unless someone knows a magic trick. Blonde is a little skunky, I might make it a 3rd or 4th beer and see how it goes, it might get the drain too. Wee heavy probably ruined, it was HOT in the fridge, I've not tasted it yet, its back in the closet, will get bottled probably soon.

Pretty unhappy about it at the moment. Having a good tequila margarita.
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