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Wink Head, cylinder & piston...

Wake up at the back! Project XL is back on the bench...

I intended to just pop the engine back in the frame to see if it would run, but, when I started to clean out the clutch casing I started to come across some small chunks of debris, presumably from the broken decompressor cam. I don't want these getting into bearings, gears or oilways, so I'll to strip the engine, at least part way, to give me a chance to swill out any further bits and bobs that have found their way in there. With an engine this simple it's only a minor PITA :-)

I made a start this evening by removing the head and cylinder from the engine...

The head doesn't look in too bad a shape...

...and neither does the bore. No appreciable wear and no score marks that I can feel with my fingernail. The broken fins are NOT down to me!

I can't believe how big that piston is! I think Honda might have got a job lot from Leyland trucks or something

All these parts will be cleaned up, properly inspected and relevant tolerances measured. I've come across some small bits of debris or swarf in the timing side case so I'll remove the clutch to get better access for cleaning and strip the oil pump just in case.

More to follow...
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