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Originally Posted by aarlint View Post
My wife and I decided to head to argentina on motorcycles so we picked up a couple of adventure bikes. My bike of choice was the 2012 tiger 800xc which I bought in january of 2012 in cash.

I love this bike! It was fast and smooth on the road and great for playing in the utah mountains as well. After a 6 hour drive or so down to moab utah, my wife and I stopped to take a break and wait for some friends. We turned the bikes off and I left my key in the ignition. When i went to turn on the bike all I saw was a red alarm light in the lower corner of the panel. There was absolutely no sound or other activity. No pump prep, nothing. We fiddled with everything; kickstand, killswitch, battery, ignition button, key positions, gas tank (couldnt hurt). We tried everything, eventually, after about 45 mins the bike roared to life and we were on our way. I gave triumph a call right then and there and said... wtf... what happened. They couldnt explain it and said that since there wasnt a showing problem I should wait to bring it in. The rest of the trip was awesome... tearing up the moab hills on a tigger was awesome!

Unfortunately this wasnt the end of the issue. Shortly after the trip the bike did the same thing in front of bestbuy in my home town. Luckily my wife was able to pick me up and take me to work and I picked up the bike after work. It started! So I looked up on the internerd to see what the deal was and if anyone else had experienced this. There are a few different cases of it but all were resolved by replacing the immobilizer.

I took my bike down to the dealership in salt lake city and they started to diagnose the problem. They got the exact same result as me and decided that the immobilizer should be replaced. Here is where the story goes from bad to worse. The immobilizer took 3 weeks to get here from the UK and it didnt work!

They then decided that it was necessary to replace the computer. So they did that. No change. I was still out a great bike for the beginning of good riding weather. The service headquarters decided that it could be the wire harness and they should check that out. So the dealer went through the wiring harness with a comb and didnt find anything. Still NO JOY.

At this point in the story the bike has been in the shop over a month and the main service headquarters decides that the immobilizer that was a replacement must have been a dud on arrival. They send a new one. This time direct! It still takes 2 weeks and FAILS to fix the problem. The bike is now giving another error on top of the other one and is failing ot sync with the keys.

The bike has now been in the shop since may and has had the following parts repaired or replaced:

wiring harness
Immobilizer (again)

The tiger is still not fixed and the main service headquarters in the states are frankly handling the situation very poorly. The law in Utah states that if a bike has had 6 or more repairs OR has been out of your possession due to repairs for a business day month, then the bike is a lemon and needs to be replaced or bought back. My situation clearly fits the description (using the 30 business day rule) and triumph will not give me a new bike..

I am now talking to the state about starting a law suit and I have warned triumph that I am beginning the process.

I would like to know what the community thinks about this kind of outrage. I would also like the owners and future owners of the tiger 800 xc to know what they potentially could find at their door. If anyone has experience with lemon law cases or maybe what I should do in this situation... please help!... you are my only hope!
Sorry to hear of your issues. Any news ?

doG I bloody hate shit like immobilizers - I don't want one and I don't friggin' need one (and nor do I want to bloody pay for one). there a way to override/disable the immobilizer
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