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Originally Posted by elan View Post
Here's the link to 6536:

And he says:

Despite what the above reads, I was also under the impression you need dealertool to clear the service indicator. I'm almost up to 5k miles though, and I have all the above mentioned, so I'll give it a go when the time comes.

BTW, I don't think you need to start the bike as mentioned in #5 to see codes. You can just turn the ignition on. Of course if you want to see parameters of certain sensors, you'll have to start it. If you don't start it, pull the headlight fuses to keep the battery from draining (this is more important for tuneecu).
Very curious about this, since my service reminder has been on for the last 8000 miles :) I started thinking about resetting engine codes and why that would reset the service reminder light using torque, but won't do so using tuneecu. I don't have torque and a bluetooth dongle, but I do have tuneecu and a cable. So I pulled a coil plug to set a code, and then tried clearing it with tuneecu. As I expected it had no effect on the service reminder indicator. To that end I have trouble believing resetting codes with torque will be any different. My understanding of the service reminder is the functionality is stored in the instrument cluster, not in the ECU. The miles to activate can actually be set as desired. SInce torque doesn't seem to access that function I am again doubtful that it can reset the service reminder at all.

I'd love to hear from someone who has done this with torque on a Tiger 800, not any other triumph model. A google search didn't yield anything of interest.
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