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SteveO- What's the wiring conversion for that switch? The wires don't match up directly and I have to splice it all together so what color wires go to what color wires? What about the extra wire in the factory switch harness?

ETA-It would figure that now that I have this switch in hand, Sicass gets theirs back in stock.
Sorry for the wait, here is my wiring coordination:

Combination Switch wire colors -> KTM Wiring Loom
Dark Green -> (not connected to any wires on the KTM side)
Black -> Green w/Yellow Dashes
Light Green -> Brown w/Violet Stripe
Light Blue -> Blue w/Black Stripe
Orange -> Blue w/Red Stripe
Gray -> Green w/Brown Stripe
Blue -> White w/yellow dashes
White -> Yellow
Yellow -> Green w/Red Stripe & GRAY [tie the green w/red stripe to the gray, then connect to the yellow]

If you're hooking up a TrailTech Headlight, here is what works
TT Wires -> KTM Wiring Loom
Pink -> Green
Black -> Brown
Yellow -> Blue

If you're hooking up a TrailTech Computer, here is what works

TT unit -> KTM Wiring Loom
Green -> Yellow w/Blue Stripe
Orange -> Brown w/Red Stripe [These two are for the Fuel Indicator, which must use a standard Bulb, the LED does not work with this setup]

Blue -> Violet -> Lt Green
Black -> Brown -> Lt Blue [These two are for the HI-LO headlight indicator ]

Black -> White
Black -> Orange [Use the existing light, as there is a chip on the end of this setup]

Lt Green -> Violet -> Lt Green
Black -> Black [These are for the Turn Signal Indicator]

NOTE: If you want to use a LED light for the Turn Signal indicator, you MUST use a DIODE (part # 276-1114) from Radio Shack, inline with the Violet and Black wires, one Diode on each wire, with the Anode facing the KTM Wiring loom, and the cathode facing the light. Tie the two wires AFTER the diodes together so that each signal will go to the LED light. Then tie the other end of the wire to a Brown wire, to create the ground loop. This has worked very well. Soon, I'll have a schematic up on how to do this....

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