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Originally Posted by Pantah;19075629
#1 son 2004 Loudon:

Fantastic Photo! Did you take that or did you purchase from a trackside photog? Either way I love the composition

The sport is too dangerous, though. If you want to win you are eventually going to get hurt.
Well of course That's one of the reasons I no longer compete, at some point I got tired of going to the hospital, but at another point in my life that didn't matter a bit. Sometimes I wish I still had that drive but most of the time I'm fine with it being part of my past. Besides I now have the time and money to explorer other interests that I didn't when racing dominated my life.

Keep her coming. Great thread. Diverse thread.
I figure this thread will eventually include about everything we would talk about at any local moto hangout, and that's a two way street, glad you added your own perspective
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