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Originally Posted by Stein67 View Post
Mine is doing the same. It was a demo and I think they used something to try to clean the shoe scuffs off of it from people getting on and off and whatever they used attacked the vinyl. It was like that when I got it. I didn't do anything to it.
Yeah, gotta be that... A dealer telling you to put what is essentially oil on your seat is a f**king tool anyway.

I remember being able to trust my (Car) dealer's service mgr with my life, now I can't believe a word they say (service managers), it's always bullshit to make some other point or prevent having to do something or pay for something. As though they're really advancing the cause of ANYONE by bullshitting customers. Neither the dealer, the brand, the customer, nor the problem itself is helped by that.

You need to find someone you can trust for advice (which could be a tech at the same dealer even), and then tell the dealer (front of house/sales) you don't need oil on your seat, you need a new one -- and they need to stop wiping the bikes down with rags with brake fluid on them or whatever it is. You might want to check other soft bits for crazing or other signs of chemical distress, too.

Oiling a seat WTF!

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