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It's a good thing I don't write for a living because it's taking me longer to write this ride report than it took to do the trip

After the old mill I rode to nearby downtown Chagrin Falls and parked my scooter right on the bridge over the Chagrin River. As you can see the town was brightly decorated.

The view from the bridge.

I took off my helmet, mesh jacket and pants and stashed them on the bike so I could walk around town looking like a normal tourist. Besides, it was hot and it felt better to just be wearing shorts & T shirt.

Like many older towns, Chagrin Falls has town square,......well in this case it's more of a town triangle. Like the bridge, they put a lot of effort into decorating it and making it look festive.

So I walked around a bit.

There was a restaurant with some tables on the sidewalk so I stopped there and had a burger. It was interesting sitting outside and just watching people go by. This is a pretty up scale town. People were generally well dressed and driving expensive cars.

And then there was me

After my burger it was time to check out the town's main tourist attraction.

That would be the ice cream shop.

After getting some ice cream I went down to the town's number two tourist attraction.

That would be Chagrin Falls.

There is usually more water coming over the falls.

Then I went back to my bike and grabbed by mesh pants and went to a small park right by where I was parked so I could sit down at one of the picnic tables and put my pants back on. of course I picked to only table that was in the shade. A young guy sat down at the table and said "I hope you don't mind. It's the only table in the shade."
of course I didn't mind. So we ended up talking for about 20 minutes. He had just started working in town there and had a lust for travel and seeing new places. He had recently spent some time seeing italy. He thought it would be interesting to see the country by bicycle. I told him about my trip and this forum. He was very interested and I think he saw the advantages of traveling on a bike with a motor. I wouldn't be surprised to see him posting on this forum some day.

Anyway, unlike the previous interesting people I met on this trip, I actually got his picture. This is Justin:

Then got back on my scooter and rode a little further before heading back home. Total for the day was 56 miles.
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