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Originally Posted by Mr_Chris View Post
Mine was left on by the dealer at 10k kms, when I went in to change the oil etc., until the 20k service. It boils down to having to ride over there, ask them to please pop the seat and plug in, watch him go through whatever facial expressions suit him before I find out what a favour it is... or skipping it as unnecessary since the service interval is not related to faults, just a mileage counter.

I wanted to try out the bluetooth dongle anyway... It's been plugged in 24x7 for over a week with no issues, but then again the bike almost never goes more than 16 hours between rides. Next time the wrench comes on I'll try blipping it in Torque.
I use tuneecu, torque and Dealertool. Dealertool is the only one that will allow you to reset the maintenance counter.

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