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Originally Posted by Sic Semper Tyrannis View Post
I think the new risk we all face is the HUMONGOUS A- pillars in the new cars.

Roofs have to withstand a much harder rollover test and the new cars meet it by beefing up the A-pillar.

Combine that with a slow roll at a stop sign and they miss ANYTHING coming at them from an angle.

Watch for peoples eyes being blocked by A-pillars as you approach them on cross streets and you will see what I mean.

My work truck is horrible for this, a car can hide in the blind spot from the A pillar.

I had a sport bike tailgating me on Rt 33 in WV the other day. We were in the Jeep so I know I wasn't setting any speed records.
Three passing zones, then passing lanes. I move into the right lane, so does he and stays right on my back bumper
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