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Originally Posted by snakepilot View Post
I have performed the above procedure, including installing a Renazco billet filler neck and an in-line one way valve to the scavenge fuel hose. My problem is that I am building pressure inside the tank (fuel vapors normal expansion).
I thought the one way valve would stop the denser fuel from escaping, while allowing some air to exit to accommodate fuel vapors and ,of course, allowing air to come in to fill tank as fuel is depleted. Do I need a different valve, or should I just vent the hose to atmosphere without any valve?

I would appreciate a comment from those that have performed this modification.


I installed the Renazco neck as well but with no valve. I eliminated the evap canister so just cut the hose to the correct length after running it down by the right side of the shock.
I was fueling one day and when I removed the gas cap I noticed a vacuum had built in the tank. Removed the seat to see what was amiss (it's just a rubber line wtf could be the issue? ). The seat bumper that rests on top of the battery hold down was pinching the vent line. Moved the line and zip tied it out of the way.
Gotta give credit to the fuel system on the 690, not even a hiccup out of the engine with a vacuum in the tank.
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