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Originally Posted by snakepilot View Post
I appreciate your reply. In your case, the pinched fuel line was the culprit. I do not have any "kinks" on the line, but following the procedures on Bartron's "code orange" thread to do a partial canirestomy and installing the one way valve has not worked as advertised.
I know that lot's of inmates have done this modification, so my question is: have you just vented to the atmosphere as Barman did, or did you use a one way valve? If you did, how is it working out?
I use a valve on my safari tank. I have had problems in the past on particularly dusty rides when it has become blocked and starved the engine of fuel. It was simple enough to unblock by removing, tapping on the handle bars and sucking some air through. Its been pretty reliable otherwise. They recommend atleast 1 inch of vent hose between the pertrol cap and the valve for them to work....maybe thats your problem?
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