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Originally Posted by Desert Skies View Post
Beautiful craftsmanship... Don't see this all that much anymore.

My flying field was being over run with members with deep pockets, giant scale ARFs with radios that cost enough to put a kid through college. Sad fact was, they couldn't glue two stick of balsa together using cyanoacrolate.

Refreshing to see someone that looks at this as a hobby, not a means to impress.
I see this as two sides to the coin, I did that, took all winter and then some to stick build a plane, but with the new stuff I agree it is so easy to get in the air.

Some people like to build, some people like to fly some want to do both, and others want small bits of "building".

Myself I am in the stage that I like to fly....I don't want to build a large RC model anymore. If I get the craving to go back to balsa I will build a guillows model or something, and those are a challange. But for flying I fly mostly foam anymore....I don't crash much anymore but I just like the ease of it. I have a few balsa models, eflight stuff but I don't think I have any of my stick built models anymore....they were all slimers and I sold them off YEARS ago, before electric got as popular as it is now...nicads and brushed motors and such. First real foam plane was an old Terry...I started with a GWS tiger moth...that was a cool little electric plane.

and I really liked that plane, finally bought a radian and caught my first thermal this weekend in years, the plane was a speck in the sky in nothing flat....

I know what you are talking about, and those are the guys that you can buy their radio from for nothing in 3 months....they are also the ones that want to start off with a spitfire.

Anymore I don't count against anyone no matter what they fly or drive as long as they are not a large type ass then all is ok....I really don't have to worry much about it anymore as I fly in my front yard....pleasure of living in the country with pasture all around you.

A few people here where I work want to take up flying, but seem put off that they cant start out with something cool like an EDF F-100 fly fly model...I tell them well you can start with that but you will finish about 10 sec after you start. I always try to talk them into something like an easy* or clone of it...not near as cool, even if you try to sell it as a camera plane.
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