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Holiday gems

The Super Glue reminds me of a holiday gem. My son is home and goes diving for crayfish and stupidly gets tagged on the palm of his hand by an eel leaving a 50mm long cut that needs stitches. But he's gung ho 20's, we're due to go away to the game reserve and he's been super glued up after hitting a reef body boarding in Hawaii (by professionals though). So he buys the Super Glue and tells me to apply. I tell him to hold the cut together. You can see where this is going. He ends up with holding finger glued to hand. After a suitable ha, he we realise that there's no way we can apply nail polish remover etc next to this cut (although it was tempting to try and see the resulting crack high behaviour). So he had to pull the finger off which messed up the glue job. Cut a long storey short, we went away with bandages and pain killer. To the proper doctor after the few days holidays for cutting away dead skin and proper stitching. Very sore he told me.

Ah, youth. Note to self - glue wounds at your own peril!

To motor cycles - a fellow worker informed me that an acquantaince had his KTM 525 on a dodgy hydraulic lift that gradually let itself down overnight. Sadly the fellow had a tie down hanging next to the bike which somehow hooked the wiring harness and plucked it out of the afore-mentioned motorcycle. Very bad language resulted.
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