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Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post
In my opinion it'll take Honda a few years to be able to compete with KTM. Not because of a lesser machine or because of less talented riders but rather because of politics. Politics play a big part in the Dakar

Time, money and "playing the game" my belief this is what it will take to have HRC on top of the podium.

Stoked to see how it unfolds
Yes, but...(there's always a but), HRC coming into the 'game' is precisely the outcome the 450 rule was designed to generate, more interest (read that as prestige and money) from the big 4 for whom the 450 bikes became mainstream. Might the ASO coddle HRC much to the chagrin of loyal, but much smaller player, KTM?

We've all heard the stories of the ASO's inconsistencies in dealing with individual competitors and regarding 'team' favoritism, *cough* ktm *cough*, but could the desire to appease the global powerhouse that is Honda have the ASO running afoul of Mattighoffen, especially as the motorsport activities at that realm have short shelf lives without corresponding results.

Let's hope the ASO balances the needs of the two (as both will doubtlessly be gunning for top spots) in a way that breeds competition, grows the sport, and increases the appeal of both brands. I'd hate to see lopsided handling or perceived favoritism run one or the other out of the dunes.
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