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Wink And so, to parade...

Now then, for those of you who, for some reason no doubt linked to your mental condition, are regular or long term visitors to this here crapulous thread, it will no doubt by now be more than clear that, for reasons of experience & close observation, I am hardly what you might call ‘Civic Minded’.

For those new to this delightful parody of a pastiche of a farce, I am not ‘Civic Minded’.

However today I took the time to greet my people, to tour the various environs circling about this sorry hole of a place named Nailsbury & let my mutated subjects have a good gander at me. Conveniently they had lined the streets in anticipation, which I found very touching, and so as I drove the car of my ex wife sedately by, giving them that twirling wrist-based wave most often practised by Royalty, a pulse of good natured arm waving & calls of support matched my progress, except in a couple of places where I passed by some person who actually knows me shouting ‘Get out the way you wanker!?!’ to the general approbation &/or opprobrium of those around them. My poor darling ex-wife by me in the passenger seat was clearly embarrassed almost beyond continence, but then she never has been one for enjoying the duty of periodic appearances to the plebeians.

Various twats carrying torches, and excessive numbers of police, broadcast vehicles & coaches were proceeding at a respectful distance behind…

And now, may I give you this weeks required listening. Take note, there will be a test.
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