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Originally Posted by jpdiller View Post
I'm in the process of putting on a 14 49 sproket combo. I got a brand new 120 link chain. Here's my question, do I leave all the links on the chain and adjust it from there? Like attach the master link and then try to adjust it.... Then if its too long take off the master link and a link or two? Any one out have a similar setup?

Don't over think the chain adjustment. If the wheel is all the way out and your chain is to loose then take it up a link and so forth. I would not cut the chain so long that the axle adjusters are all the way out or so short you have to flip the axle blocks, somewhere in the middle is perfect. I would rather have the chain a hair long but not to long rather than cutting it to short and have the tire rubbing the mud flap.

I have a 13/48 setup and love it. The bike runs fast enough for town use and slow enough for tight trails. I was going to try 14/48 first but it was late and said screw it and i put the 13 on it and glad i did. Hell 13/50 would of been ok for what i do.
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