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Marty’s house is gorgeous, and nestled against a beautiful hill.
We took the tank and sides off and Marty yanked out the carburetor in no time!
Taking the JB-Weld of was tricky and I think I might have gone at it too slow, lol, made Marty’s fingers itch I guess cause he took over and got it all off in record time.
I put the new plastic elbow on it as soon as we found the spring that zoomed past our ears when we took the bracket off.
I was glad that I had ordered the right part.
Then I decided that I wanted to redo the stator wiring that my chain had severed.
I had just twisted and taped the wires together and wasn’t sure how long it would last. Marty showed me how to solder and shrink-wrap the joints. Then I asked him if he could cut a half moon out of the top of the chain cover, so I could run the wires up and out of the cover.

The only wire I couldn’t bundle up was the neutral light wire, and that one I tucked into the groove and covered with electrical tape so I couldn’t accidentally snag it.

After we were done Marty cooked dinner; I told him he missed his calling. Hope he goes and takes a cooking class for fun. Laurie came home and we had dinner, it was very homey. I slept like a baby; they have a wonderful guest bed ☺
The next morning I spend a few hours updating my RR and was about to go downstairs to work on my loose chain when Marty came up and said he had already done it, (sneaky little bugger :<>grN ) and put a new small sprocket on; turns out the old one was not at all that bad, like I had been told. *
I packed my bike up and said goodbye to Laurie and Marty and was about to hop on the bike when I realized my gloves were missing. I had put them on the instrument panel when I rode it to the trailer and forgotten to take them off. Oh well, a bit of a bummer seeing as I have long thumbs, and finding gloves that fit me is no easy feat.
I got to Hondo’s place around 3. He had spent the whole morning cleaning and told me the house had never been that clean, LOL. He has a nice place that he got a year ago and is renovating.
Storm came over for dinner, and the guys had meat burger and I my veggie burgers. Storm then surprised me by saying he had a surprise for me and to close my eyes. I did and I felt him put something in my hands that felt like a pair of gloves. As I opened my eyes I was staring at my gloves which I thought I had lost. Turns out that he went looking at my peace sticker on the bike and saw the fingers of the gloves sticking out of underneath the fairing. They had slipped in there and stayed there during the ride from Marty's to Hondo's house. Amazing!

The next day Storm, Big-LV, Hondo and I went for a ride into the mountains. It was very foggy, and at times the fog was so thick that we could hardly see at all.
It was gorgeous though. Storm turned around when we almost got to Nederland, because he wanted to go and listen to a Heart concert. The three of us then rode on to Nederland and had a cup of coffee and a snack.
I wanted to go see Nederland because I spent 14 years of my youth in the Netherlands, which we call Nederland. I wanted to take a picture and send it to my folks who still live there.

We rode back in the rain; the water was high on some parts of the road.
Laura had dinner with us that night and it was fun. *
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