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The latest bout of frustration.

Hi there, been very busy the last while. I'm in the middle of trying to find a new apartment rental, so that is taking up most of my time. I haven't posted in about a month! I got one good ride in, before my piece of shit aftermarket stator died after 4 months.
I am soooooooooo lucky to never have broken down in the bush! I was coming home from work, and hit a red light. the bike sounded like it was out of gas, so I switched to reserve. No problem. The light turned green, I gave it some gas, and got nothing but backfiring, and FOOT LONG FLAMES OUT OF THE PIPE! Top speed, 10 kph. I was able to push my ride home about 10 blocks, using the engine to get up only the worst hills. I had just enough power to do this without backfiring. I get home 1AM. SOMEONE STOLE MY GARDEN HOSE!!!!! Great.... Bikes not running, and I can't even wash the mud off.......What a monday that was.....

Next morning I get to work on the bike. I check all the carb connections, vent lines, air filter, and I drained the float bowl. I checked the wires going to the plug, they were fine, I checked the plug itself, it was fine, and was wet with gas. Odd thing was, the bike idled fine. By then I was out of Ideas....I reluctantly got the shop to pick it up for the first time ever.....They checked the valves and timing ( needed doing anyway ) checked the carb and adjusted it (much healthier on de-cel now) and came to the conclusion that the pickup coils on the stator went bad, and were giving poor spark.
Two and a half weeks of sprinting on my bicycle to catch the very last double decker bus at 12:10 AM, and $1134 later, and I have an OEM stator, and a tip top DRZ. Yep, it's going to be a hard month, but at least I have my machine.

My bus driver was great! Didn't have to pay once, He had loads of stories, a few magic tricks, and I even learned how to make a Paralyzer! "I love night shift, I can smoke on the bus, I can make fun of the passengers, why would I want to change?"
Yep, I love night shift too! I might have to take his bus just for fun some day!
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