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Originally Posted by AussieClay View Post
My 2012 EXC came with 15 - 45 and 114 link chain. I swapped to 14-45 and flipped the axle blocks to the longer side but still find the gearing too tall. Not sure about the 13 front either.... I want to go to 14 - 48 or 50, depending if the 114 link chain will work with the axle blocks flipped to the shorter side.

Can anyone comment on the largest rear sprocket I can get away with using the standard 114 link chain and 14 front?
The 14/48 will work with stock chain flip blocks. IF you go more than 48 (say to 49) you will need longer chain or add lengths. My experience anyway. I tried the 13 up front and did not like it. Not enough top end for my riding and first and second were just wasted...

A buddy of mine just got a 2013. Doesnt seem to be changed at all but thats not official just us looking. He did get a manual. Purchased in B'ham AL.
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