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Originally Posted by TrashCan View Post

Still riding with you.
Nice to still have you along.

Originally Posted by Dabears View Post
Klaviator, this is really neat.

I just got back from Ohio (by plane), as I met my brother and sister in Painesville to visit the cemetary where our parents are buried.

We took a couple side trips and went to the little town of Sebring where my dad grew up, and headed back north to to Geneva on the Lake for a nice afternoon of wine tasting and looking out over Lake Erie. My brother and sister were born near Cleveland, so they had a lot of fond memories as kids growning up in Ohio. It sounds like you do as well.

Great ride report!
Thanks for the complements. Glad to have you following along.

Originally Posted by WaywardSon View Post
Nice job on the report...thanks for taking the time! As I get older I am beginning to see the attraction of a smaller bike...starting to think I may need something I can actually pick up
Small bikes do have a lot of advantages, and not just being easier to pick up. I haven't taken advantage of that yet with the Aprilia........and I hope not to.

Many people equate touring with big bikes. Small bikes have several advantages especially if your idea doesn't involve droning down the interstate. I am willing to take a small bike places I wouldn't take a bigger bike. The Aprilia is not a dual sport bike but I'll take it down a dirt road or trail because I know that if it gets too rough, it's small and light enough that I can always get it turned around.

If I'm riding along and see something interesting, it's easy to whip a U turn, even on a very narrow road, and go back to check it out or take a pic. I have found that I end up taking more pics when on a smaller bike.

Then there is the fun factor. I find that smaller bikes are often more fun to ride. You may end up going a little slower, but you often "feel" like you are going faster. You can still get a thrilling ride without as much risk to your license.

The biggest drawback, IMO, to a smaller bike, is that if you get stuck behind slow traffic, it is much harder to pass. I tend to just pull over and wait for the slow traffic to get down the road.

Thanks to everyone who is following along. I still have 3 1/2 days of this trip to write up. I'll try to not procrastinate too much more.
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