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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
The dealer nearest to me is California Speed Sports, and through first hand experience with my Norge, they're horrible. The next closest is the dealer you mention above, and they have enough horror stories attached to them that I wouldn't risk taking my bike there. That leaves Moto Italiano in Santa Cruz or Elk Grove Motorsports as the next nearest dealers, the former having a decent reputation, the latter is unknown to me.

Meanwhile, there are no less than 15 Yamaha dealers in the same search radius......

Aw, nuts. If Munroe sucks, then I'm pretty much out of the Guzzi market.

So, I'm "stuck" with the offerings at Hattar [or whatever Hattar Motorsports becomes after the change in ownership]: Ducati & Triumph. Not so bad, that, but the Guzzis were growing on me.
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