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Next up, the reason I rode all the way to northern Ohio, the party. Before I get to that I’m going to talk about something that has nothing to do with riding……..but has everything to do with riding. First, take a look at my signature line. Why did I choose to put something about growing up there? For that I have to go way back to my childhood. I’m talking when my age was measured in single digits. Back then I met many of my parents friends (some of whom came to this party). My parents friends were all adults, grownups……..reeeeeallly ooooold. At least that’s what they seemed like to me at the time. Looking back, they were much younger than I am now. But they formed my impressions of “grown ups”. To me they seemed like old people who were really serious. They just sat around and talked…and sometimes listened to really boring music. They didn’t have any toys and certainly didn’t play with toys. They were just too serious for that childish stuff.

As I got older and my parents made friends through activities like skiing and sailing, I realized that “old people” could still have fun but my original idea of “grown ups” has stayed with me to this day. Anyone out there who can relate to this??

As I got older, my idea of “old” kept changing so that it was always older than me. Now I no longer look at “old” as being strictly age related. As for being “grown up”, I have never gotten to that point where I considered myself grown up because I still play with toys. The GI Joes and toy soldiers have been replaced by toys that involve two wheels and a motor, but they are still toys and are just as much fun to play with. Bottom line here; as long as you still play with toys, you never have to grow up.

What does all this have to do with this ride report?? It ties in directly with the next part of my report which is the party. Let me cover the party then I'll try to tie this all together.

When I arrived in Ohio it was hot with temperatures in the 90’s. Luckily a cold front passed through and the weather for the day of the party was perfect with blue skies and temperatures in the 70s. Great timing since my parents wanted to have the party outside. It was scheduled to start at 4 in the afternoon and people started arriving shortly after that.

Here’s some pics:

Dad made that big round table and benches out of a cable drum. Note the thermometer on the tree...low 70s

The "young kids" of the party.

Some group photos:

Just family:

Everybody still left at the party.

Some random shots of people eating.

The food was really great.

My wife and I pigging out.

I had a great time. It was great seeing people that I barely remembered from my childhood. One lady greeted me and I made the mistake of saying "nice meeting you" ....oops. I did remember her after a couple of minutes. I t was also great meeting many of my parents friends that I had heard about but had never met before.

OK, it wasn't exactly a wild party and was over by around 9:00 PM but I had a great time and will remember it for a long time.

Now I'll try to tie this post together. There where a lot of "old" people at this party but I got the feeling that many of them had not yet fully grown up. Overall these people, like my parents, seemed to be much more active and "alive" than most people their age. Many still play with "toys". Probably the best example is here:

The lady on the left is a good friend of my Mom's. She is 94 years young, still goes for walks in the park and goes skiing in the winter.

Speaking of toys, can you tell what brand of toy my "little" brother plays with.

This experience just reinforces and opinion that I have held for a long time.

If you play with toys, you will stay young much longer, and you may never "grow up"

That's my excuse anyway

After most of the people left, the rest of us headed down to the bar where we continued the party.

Eventually I had to call it a night since I had a long ride ahead of me the next day.

I ride, Therefore I Am.

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