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I have a pretty long bucket list and many of the things on my list involve riding. I planned on checking of a few of those things on this trip. Camping at Blue Ridge Cycle Camp was on my list. Camping at Willville Cycle camp was also on my list and was my planned destination for today. I planned on going there but hadn't actually looked at a map to see how far it was. At lunch I took a look. It would be a pretty long ride and I didn't leave little Switzerland until late afternoon. I considered changing my plan but decided to ride for a while before making a decision. So I rode the BRP. Progress was painfully slow due to the cage traffic. it was also still chilly with intermitant rain. I was still regretting my decision to wear my mesh jacket. To make matters worse, my rear Dunlop was rapidly disappearing and tomorrow was Monday which meant it might be difficult to find a tire since most dealers are closed on mondays.

So I changed my plans and decided to get off the BRP and head towards Marion, VA.

I took 221 to 194. I considered stopping in West Jefferson but the price of a hotel room was more than I wanted to pay so I followed 194 into Virginia where I became a narrow back road. Then it was right on 58 and left on 16 which I followed to Marion. There were plenty of tight curves on these roads but by the time I got to Marion, I was ready to stop. I didn't take many pictures but did get this interesting old building. i don't remember where it was:

In Marion I decided on the Econo Lodge.


My rear tire:

I could probably ride it another day without it being completely bald but that would be the limit. For peace of mind I decided to try to get another one Monday if possible.

BTW, that's a Dunlop 403 with a whopping 2600 miles on it.

Total mileage was only 267 but it seemed like a lot more. I made a number of stops. I spent a lot of time going slow on the BRP and when I was off the BRP, the roads where mostly very twisty.

Dinner was a Mexican restaurant within walking distance.

The Hotel was nothing special but it felt good to sleep in a real bed.
2600 miles? That's painful. I could see it if your scoot had dinky little 12 inch wheels. I put 15000 km on the stock rear Maxxis on my Citycom and it still wasn't done, but I picked up a small nail so it was time. I expect to do better with the replacement Michelin.

People shouldn't be surprised at long distance scooter travel. There was a Canadian who rode a Honda 250 scoot around the world a number of years ago.
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