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Originally Posted by MrBob View Post
In many areas of Colorado it's illegal to collect rainwater the idea being that it would diminish downstream flow, which is all owned. A few years ago this law was repealed in Boulder County where I live but only for residents of rural areas. It's still illegal to collect rainwater in my town.
After growing up in Minnesota and never more than 10 minutes from a lake, this has taken some getting used to.

It would not however be illegal to landscape and do your driveway, gutters etc. in such a way that does not promote the water to quickly escape. For instance, if you have all your downspouts directed over surfaces that will not permit the runoff to quickly reach the street then you have not "collected it" but you are also not diverting it.

We have an opposite problem in which most folks have their property set up to hold little to no water. So when it rains hard the streets flood, then the streams flood, then the rivers flood, and somewhere in that time your basement filled up.
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