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alright scrambler gurus...i got a question.

in the market for a new bike this fall. im a vintage fanatic, but my next bike i want modern reliability, good brakes, and modern suspension. the scrambler seems to be a good mix from what ive read, still working on the other 1000 pages of this thread though.

my 3 bikes in the mix right now are the scrambler, sportster, and a monster. I know all different bikes, but they fit my price range and seem like good commuter bikes. i have never owned a triumph or a ducati, but had an 87 sportster. it had issues when i got it from crap fixes from previous owners, and it was only a 4 speed. so im putting that behind me and have heard good stuff from the newer bikes. im not familiar with the triumph and ducati quirks and issues.

right now number one is the scrambler though. i love the desert sled look, and i like the idea that i can take it on some dirt roads and truck trails in my area and do some exploring. I have a dirt bike, so im not looking for a true dual sport, but like i said i like that desert sled look, and wouldnt mind getting it dirty once in awhile on reasonable terrain.

do the scramblers come with a different suspension setup than the other triumphs to make it more "dual sportish" or is this just a bonneville with high pipes? what are the other differences that are specific to the scrambler?

also to all you guys that got one, what were your other choices when you were looking for a bike and what pushed you towards the triumph?
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