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Does anyone want to come ride their POS Ural with us this weekend. Applejam is working out his Cascade Discovery Route and needs some beta testers for new tracks. Meet up is on Mt hood's Barlow Road tomorrow night where the creek crossing is. Oh by the way I'll be on my POS Ural gear up too. Expect break downs, grumpy folks, flat tires, drunkenness (mainly in the evening), final drive failures, break failures, rim distortion, piston melting, sidecar falling off, water in the carbs, yelling and screaming (mainly Yee Ha), flip overs, dangerous ascents and descents, oh and HUGE SMILES!

It sounds way better than reading this thread. Doesn't it? Oh and everyone is invited, even if we have only distain for you. Show up and have some fun on a new adventure route thru the mtns of Oregon. Or keep typing and enjoy the camaraderie of this thread.
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