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I'll address your points:

Originally Posted by Schatzman View Post
People are pissed because this thread is completely fucking stupid at this point. If in fact the Brembo part failed, that is on Brembo. Chosen by Ural as part of their bike: on Ural. I don't care if people like Ural or not. Why read the thread? What I care about is the misrepresentation going on about Ural and the people who run the company. IMWA has been beyond awesome to me and I won't stand by while someone makes false claims about their product. OOOH, their hero! . Anyway, which one was the false claim: failed final drive, broken swing-arm, or failed brake? There were a few others, too. The posted pics made them look real enough.
Once again, if the bike is so faulty that all of these parts have broken because of quality control on IMWA's part, how would anyone in their right mind climb back on the saddle? They didn't happen all at one time....If it were me, I would be doing several other things then posting on here about it. I would be parking the thing in a garage, I would be on the phone with IMWA-USA screaming at Jason, and be finding someway to get the issue(s) resolved. To have several major failures like this, and according to the OP being Ural's fault, should not leave him comfortable about the bike. He needs to shit or get off the pot. Don't waste people's time with this thread anymore. People are still posting of their own volition. Who's wasting their time? If the bike is a total unsafe POS, and I would say having the brakes "fail" would qualify as unsafe, then don't ride it anymore. One's life is more valuable then the Ural. Funny from you who rides without brakes for six months, putting yourself and others' lives in danger, so it won't "spoil my fun". Find a solution. That could be shipping the bike back home and renting something else or calling IMWA and seeing if they will give him another bike to ride in the mean time. He's overseas. I doubt IMWA would send him a bike. They should pick up the rental tab on another bike for him.
Bikes and this Forum are supposed to be fun, my friend. Lighten up.
Glad you like your Ural. I like mine too, but it's just a bike.
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