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Originally Posted by FUGetAWarrant View Post
I have no problems with the paint. Glad I got the Ti.

I did kinda screw up - I was using meguiar's carwash with wax in it, albiet I washed it very gently, apparently wax is bad for matte paint. I have now started using dawn and windex to clean the paint. I wash it 2 or 3 times a month - can't stand for my italian mistress to be dirty.
Ohhhh yeah - wax and matte paint not a great combo! Glad it hasn't been a problem...I know the '06 Tuono's had a matte black option that didn't work with wax, too.

The only other matte finishes I've encountered were on Harley's...they have a black denim which is pretty cool, but it gets a "patina" over time. Not sure what to think of it...

I do love that Titanium color though - glad you like the bike. My riding mate loves his...I test rode them last year and have logged some miles on his and it sure is on my short list....The Tuono may have to go. It bit me last weekend by losing ignition to cylinder no.2. Once the dog bites, I tend to shoot them. *sigh*
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