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Originally Posted by bokad;19110809Oh please.... the "this is mostly a 70 year old bike" thing again. Please do tell, what the MOST parts of the Ural are that are 70 year old design?[COLOR=Red
Seriously? The list would be a lot shorter the other way around.

The parts NOT a 70 year old design: electronic ignition, front disk brake, electric starter, alternator. Just because the materials may be newer, or produced with better equipment, doesn't mean the overall design is any better. If I built the Wright Brother's plane out of aircraft aluminum, that doesn't make it handle like an F-16. Likewise, if I added an actual jet engine, that still doesn't make it behave like a modern plane. I'm not saying your brakes didn't crap out of their own accord, but I simply don't agree with you on the "modern bike" statements.

BTW, glad you're not dead. That's scary shite when the unexpected happens, regardless of where the fault lies.

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