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Originally Posted by Billtr96sn View Post
I have kept up with this thread right from the start and have also been in touch with our importer regarding buying one as I was seriously considering it as Bokads experiences hadn't put me off.

Now though, I will be saving my money and may invest it in my current outfit an other bikes, once again,not because of Bokad but because I do not wan't to be tarred with the same brush as the 'Uralista' I have come across on this forum.

There are a couple of decent types,like Tarka, and some semi reasonable, but the majority are blinkered idiots who have nothing better to do than sling shit at anyone who doesnt like or finds fault with their Ural.
If you're basing your vehicle purchase on the Internet behavior of people you will more than likely never meet... well, good luck with that.
Guess you didn't spend much time over at Soviet Steeds, where people don't get so riled up over broken stuff. Bokad gave ya lots of SS links about those front brake failures.... 'course no one blew up about it over there, so they're not as much fun to read.

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