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I looked through the corner and hung my butt out, weighted the inside peg and pushed the bike as far as possible into the corner.
I guess your off was due to being to quick, when you realised it you had run out of options. My G/F's first off was in similar circumstances, gravel, pine needles, downhill, off camber, too quick & the clincher for her was grabbing the front brake.
The only option would have been to get the back around either on the throttle weighting the outside peg, body weight out of the corner or giving less control, locking the rear. Bloody scary when your going too fast but it's the last port of call to keep control.
A lot of gravel roads round here follow steep ridges, like a roller coaster with up & down hair pins, deep gravel & at times wet clay. I've had to steel myself to use the throttle through down hill corners with gritted teeth & clenched buttocks. Works every time, though.
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