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So, last weekend I got my center stand installed - best farkle on the bike so far ...

And today the 15mm raising links arrived and I got them installed:
Had a chance for a little bit longer test ride during lunch time today.

I don't think there is a difference in the way the bike goes into corners, doesn't feel sharper or quicker in that regard. If there is a difference, without an A to B comparison with an unmodified Tiger I would say everything I might "feel" could be imagination.

What I do feel and where I'm certain it's not just imagination is that it does have a less pronounced tendency to go wide in curves. The Roadie always gave me the feeling that I had to push it a bit more, correct a the line slightly, when going through longer curves where you are leaned over for a longer time. This seems to be much less pronounced for me. Very happy with that.

Also, when I was out today I did not scratch the pegs in the corners I typically touched down before. Probably just a matter of time to get there again, but the added clearance certainly helps feeling a bit better about it.

So, overall money well spent (roughly $100).

Unfortunately the ride today showed me even more that I need to get something done to the front suspension ...
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