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Originally Posted by doc_ricketts View Post
I guess I will put up a little 'long distance' data. I had some issues with my Savage 12 in .308 and finally figured out that it was action screw torque values and barrel harmonics.

I have a very similar Rifle, but in a Ruger.

I've had some issues with mine as well. I have it in .223, and have used a number of ammunitions, and found that the Hornady V-Max stuff is pretty good through it. Consistantly measuring 5 rounds in .6" at 100 yards.

My biggest issues with it are that it is really not that comfortable to shoot. I feel like I need to take a file and open up the thumb groove to get my wrist into a comfortable position with it on bags or a bipod.

It is also a heavy sucker, and I have found that the mojority of times I would use it, I grab my .17 HMR, quite frankly, on woodchucks I rarely get opportunities to test the ballistics of either round. And my .17 HMR is perhaps slightly better on 5 round grouping than the .223 despite its lower weight. If I had a longer range to work them out on I might get a better feel for this.
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