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Originally Posted by LisaS View Post
I am really enjoying your thread- wonderful pics!

It sounds like the system for getting your motorcycle license is quite different there from the states- we have two ways of doing it-
1. my husband took the 1 day classroom for a permit, then rode around the block with the DMV tester behind him to get his license.
2. I took a 2 day class that was part classroom, part riding, rode a cones course at the end and got my license.

Reading your report, it is apparently quite a bit more complex in Scotland and other parts of the world-
Could you provide details of what you need to go through to get your moto license?

The system here is actually quite complex. There are various tests you can do that have various restrictions once you've passed. I'm doing the one that has no restrictions at the end. I might get one or two small facts wrong here but this is more or less how it works.

1. You get a CBT. Compulsory Basic Training. This is about basic bike usage. It's usually done over 2 days but you can get it done in one day, as I did. Half of it is in a car park going in and out of cones and the other half is out on the roads. At the end you get your CBT certificate and can ride a bike on the roads by yourself. Your bike can't be bigger than 125cc, you can't have a pillion, you cannot ride on motorways and you must display L plates. The certificate lasts 2 years. If you do not have a full licence by the time it runs out, you have to do it again. Official info here.

2. You sit a theory test. Have a go at guessing British laws here! 50, multiple choice questions and then a video where you click whenever you see a hazard (this part is very poorly done). I think you can start training without a theory test but you can't do any practical tests so most places will tell you to get that done first.

3. You sit you Module 1 test. This is a more advanced version of the cones in a carpark stuff from earlier. Slaloms, figures of 8, emergency stop and a swerve test are some of the things you have to pass to get through this one. The whole test takes about 10 minutes.

4. You sit Module 2. This is the on road section and takes place on a different day to Module 1. The examiner takes you on a variety of roads and basically watches you ride. It takes about half an hour I think.

At the end of that if you pass, you have a licence.

The restrictions I mentioned earlier come into play due to the bike you learn on (and if you're under 21). If you learn on a big bike, you can ride whatever you want at the end. If you ride on a smaller bike, you get a restriction for 2 years where the bike has to be under a certain BHP. Once that restriction is up, you're free to ride whatever.

I think that's it!
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