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Originally Posted by The Guru View Post
I'll never go back to them. Their ignorant and have carp customer service. I use Saltire in Edinburgh. Superb! I'd rather ride the 30 miles along the road for for a better service than keep JA in business.

Good luck.
I have had good service from them on occasion but I find the lack of organisation infuriating at times. Calls are rarely returned. That annoys me more than anything else.

Originally Posted by windmills View Post
Great attitude man. No point eating yourself up about things you cant change.
Thanks for keeping the great photos coming, checking this thread is a real pleasure.

Exactly. It's frustrating but getting bent out of shape won't do anything other than to mess up my day. I might not have a full licence but it's not like I'm without a bike. Just without dry weather. And acceleration up hills.

Originally Posted by conchscooter View Post
Lovely pictures. My father had a place in Ullapool when I was a kid so i got to spend holidays in the Highlands, classic lonely damp carpetbagger vacations. To be honest I didn't much care for tree-less hills and horizontal rain in a climate where I could usually see my breath. That said your pictures are astounding and your pleasure in your surroundings reminds me why Advrider is so valuable as we all get to see places we otherwise wouldn't enjoy.
As to the motorcycle I like scooters too but sometimes in life the practical takes second place to the mind's eye and if you see yourself on a motorcycle then a scooter won't do. I like the idea of a Deauville, weather protection, shaft drive and comfort. I hope you will ride something that will encourage you to keep exploring narrow awkward roads away from the wide highways preferred by large heavy bikes.
Finally to prove I've read and enjoyed the details of this thread I wondered at the pictures of the Vital Spark in May in Tarbert (the "Fital Spark") and was amazed to see a reproduction of the heroine of the Para Handy tales tied up at a wharf. Great fun, thank you.
I doubt I'd have appreciated it much as a child either. I have vague memories of visiting some of the places in the thread but I'm certain I would have been more concerned with the lengthy car ride than scenery at the time.

I have bought a Deauville. I was planning to wait until I had my licence but one came up in excellent condition at a price I couldn't really ignore so I went for it. It's only a few hundred quid more than I'll get when I sell my Suzuki so I'm barely out of pocket. My one concern with it was that it might be a bit heavy to be taking on all the winding, potholed, single track roads that I like. My original intention was to get something like a Yamaha XT660. The way I saw it, I didn't need off-road capability, I needed crap-road capability. Like I said though, the Honda was an offer I couldn't refuse so we shall see how that goes.

I did not know about the Vital Spark so you're educating me here, all the way from Florida! Though I'll point out that the ship is in Inveraray rather than Tarbert. I knew the boat next to it was a museum ship but it was closed when I was there sadly and I didn't pay too much more attention to it other than that it looked like a nice old boat. Assuming it will open again at some point I'll head in. I absolutely love old boats. Working boats (as in boats made for work rather than leisure) are even better. I love that you were looking through my photos and recognised something though. That's made my day.

Originally Posted by kwakbiker View Post
Unlucky on the test dates but you never know the weather may even pick up by then
I'd rather have crappy weather for my test so that good weather days can be spent enjoying myself! Still, I wouldn't complain about a dry day for the emergency stop.
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