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Originally Posted by Rubber Cow View Post
Federal or Privi Match grade ammo with a 168 grain (Sierra) hollow point, boat tail bullet should do just fine. If you want better wind performance and for distances past 800 yds, try a match grade round with a 175 grain bullet.
These rounds aren't cheap but they will reflect the accuracy of the rifle. PM me if your interested in buying .308 dies...I just bought a used rifle that came with RCBS dies....I'll sell them for $20.
I have never shot any store ammo except Federal Match in my Savage 12 .308. And that was just to compare with my hand loads. Also, I like the Hornady 178s and Hornady 168 BTHPs. Have shot Bergers and Sierras as well, but like the Hornadys since they do just as well and are cheaper.
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