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Originally Posted by woolsocks View Post
I'm going to have to be fast one day right?
do not try to be fast. try to be smooth. speed will then come naturally.

slow is smooth. smooth is fast.

looking ahead is key. you have to learn to do that before worrying about going fast. once you get good at it, you'll find that your perceived field of vision widens so you can still see stuff closer to you even though you are looking further ahead.

for now, slow down and concentrate on looking ahead and riding smoothly. then speed will gradually come naturally.

I guess do you guys think about sand and road debris while riding and consciously avoid it?
not really. i ride well within my limits, so i have a margin for error if i hit road debris. also, i ride dirt a lot, so road debris is not a big deal to me...i don't really care if my bike slides a bit--i'm used to it. it also helps that i ride a lightweight dual sport, though.

consider getting a dirt bike and learning to ride in dirt. it makes road debris much less of an issue. (and it's more fun that you can imagine.)
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