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How many miles did you get out of the shinkos? I too really liked the stock Battlewings and just put on a set of Shinkos. Also, did both the front and rear wear out at the same time.
I LOVE the Shinkos. I got 4700 out of my first rear. And 3400 of those miles were fully loaded with panniers on. The front will always wear out slower than the rear. Usually by a rate of 2 to 1. So, I'm on my second 705 rear. I like the price and mileage. Also gets the best traction off road of the three rear non-knobbies I've run. It beats the Tourance everywhere. I got 5700 out of the Tourance for twice the price. IMO the 705 gets better traction everywhere. And I get to put a new one on sooner for half the price. That's getting your money's worth. I liked the Battlewing a lot too. But once again, the 705 is cheaper and I think it does better everywhere. The BW beat the Tourance and the 705 beats em both.

I have run though a TKC80 on the rear. I liked the traction off road and it looks bad ass on the bike. But, I wore it down to the carcass in 2700 miles. That's pretty damn quick for a $180 tire. I bought 4 of them a few months back when tire prices were jumping every few weeks. They are just gonna sit in my garage until Fall/Winter/Spring riding when I will encounter nasty desert mud and mountain snow. In the summers I'm running the 705 rear from here on out. I found my tire.

I am running the TKC 80 on the front and it appears to wearing well. I'll always have a knobby on the front. Well, not always, I may put a 705 on the front for the Alaska trip next summer. And I still have the remainder of a 705 front that has about 6000 miles on it. Can probably get another 2000 at least out of that one. After this TKC wears out on the front I have a 606 take off from my KLR days that I'm going to finish off. I really liked the 606 and I may run that if it handles on the road well enough for this big bike. I remember liking it a lot on my KLR. IF it handles well enough on the road, I'll run the 606 up front most of the time because it so much cheaper than the 80. More aggressive off road too.
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