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The bike needed to be broken in. Though I think there's some truth to the 'hard' break in method, this is a new model Ducati after all and has a little black box that records all of your fun. The last thing I wanted was to have a mfg defect get blamed on me because I took it to 9000 rpm twice in the first 1000km. So I decided driving up Hwy 1 would be an excellent opportunity to keep the revs varied and enjoy a nice scenic, twisty road.

Unfortunately after Malibu Highway 1 SUCKS! After making it through several awful towns were travel was stoplight to stoplight (Hwy 1 is only glorious in small sections) I decided to cut over to101 up and vary the revs by exiting the freeway every few exits and then getting back on + I did the whole 'yo-yo' maneuver in which I'd speed up/slow down/speed up/slow down. I'm sure I looked like an ass, but it had to be done.

Two or three times I did redline the bike, however--but only because I'd hit a false neutral between 5th and 6th. I was using the quickshifter with constant throttle. The power would cut, then the transmission would float between the two gears and HOLY SHIT this bike revs faster than any other bike I've had even under 1/4 throttle.

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