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So as part of the goal of my stay in SF, I wanted to visit all my old SF haunts. I headed up to Twin Peaks and because it's really one of the only parts of the city with some decent turns, I opened it up a little bit. I wasn't doing anything stupid, but nor was I ever under the legal limit.

So I got up to the top and then 5 or so minutes later a patrol car rolls by. The two officers eyed me. Then stopped. Then one gets out, goes over to my bike and tries to steal it!

Ok, more lies. The officer walks over to me with an intimidating look. Of course I respond with a defensive, "ah man, don't fuck with me" glare (it's kind of my natural expression) and he says, "Is that your bike?" "Yeah," I retort. "How do you like it?" Thinking maybe this was some clever Detective Porfiry maneuver that would be followed with, "that's too bad, because we're impounding it" I wasn't sure how to respond, but answered affirmatively (if not a little deflatedly)....but then caught a momentarily cheerful and genuinely curious expression come across his face and realized, shit--this guy is a rider, too! We got to talking--he owns an 1100 Monster and this just happened to be the first 1199 he'd seen, so he stopped to check it out.

I gave him the key and let him start it up (pic above) and we continued to have a good 10 min. conversation about bikes, riding, hooliganism, etc. The hilarious thing was there were all these tourists up there (most of whom probably didn't speak English) who were watching the interaction unfold. When I handed over my key and he walked over, started, and started revving my bike I think they were all very, very confused. After he and I started chatting I think they figured it out, but up 'till that point they were all stifled.

I wished I had got his contact info so we could have gone on a ride or two while I was in SF.

Lesson learned: Police Officers by nature always have to look like hard asses, and when you respond like you're a hard ass yourself that you're not doing yourself any favor. They probably won't ever be the first ones to smile or be friendly, but that's just their job. Being friendly to people who might not look it at first is my first lesson of this trip. (And this is coming from someone who usually looks like a dick.)

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