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Originally Posted by BlueLghtning View Post
Definitely enjoying your report.

My wife and I had scooters for a little bit. She had a Genuine Buddy 125 and I had a Genuine Blur 150. At that time, I had a 4 mile commute and rode it every day to work and loved it. It was much fun to ride and like you pointed out downsizing to small bikes just lets you experience stuff you don't on bigger bikes. My wife didn't quite become as attached to her scooter, but I think it was mostly because of the 10" wheels. It was fun to ride, but it beat you up and small potholes were always having to be dodged. I would kept her's and enjoyed it myself, but it was pink and didn't matched my helmet!

The Blur on the other had 13" wheels, handled corners like a dream and brakes that were amazing. Unfortunately the motor decided to go boom when a friend was riding it. I don't think he did anything, just something let loose. Its been siting as a garage ornament for like 3 years now. One day, I might part it out.

My wife test rode a Vespa 250 one time and loved it, so we might have scooters in our future again. The SportCity 250 was always one I admired too and thought it would be a fun one to ride.
The Blur is now a fuel injected 220. Time for a new scooter

Originally Posted by Robert Ford View Post
The Competition Accessories you stopped by isn't associated with the mail order store anymore. I believe that relationship fizzled out several years ago. The one in Springfield, on the surface anyway, is a giant adult toy store full of gear and bikes, but they actually have very little in the way of gear and what they do have seems way over priced. The bike selection is rather exceptional though. Don't expect any bargaining on price though, they are very firm.

If you really want to visit the motorcycle gear mecca of the mid-west, a stop by Iron Pony in Westerville will leave you with a lighter wallet and a more satisfying experience.

Anyway, I'm loving this ride report.
Thanks for the info on Comp ACC. That explains a lot. I won't waste my time stopping there again. Maybe I can stop at Iron Pony next time.

Originally Posted by Gooner View Post
Previous poster beat me to it. The Internet/mail order Comp Acc is run out of South Carolina now I believe.

Ok, so the 71 to 65 drone back to our fair city isn't ever going to make anyone's "Great Rides before you Die" list.
If not for the somewhat boring roads out there we would never appreciate the really good ones.
I ride, Therefore I Am.

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