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Last day of the trip:

I got up early and was at the first one at the breakfast bat at 6:00 AM. By 7 I was on the road. It was still cool but I didn't expect that to last. I decided to avoid the interstate and avoid Bowling Green and Nashville during morning rush hour. I don't know if those two cities have bad traffic during rush hour but living in the Atlanta area has gotten me in the habit of avoiding rush hour if at all possible.

My route would be 90 to 31E to 231 to Huntsville. For the most part there wasn't much traffic on these roads and my speed was close to what I'd be doing on the interstate except when going through the numerous towns along the way.

Some Kentucky countryside:

One town I went through in TN had a town square so I stopped for some pics. I don't remember the name of this town but perhaps someone from the area will recognize it>



I did remember that there were some inmates who lived in this area and one even did a ride report on the roads around Murfreesboro, TN.

It soon got hot and I put on my cooling vest. I didn't know it at the time but this was the beginning of an intense heat wave in the south which would see many temperature records broken. It would have been a miserable ride without the vest.

This next pic was going through a town in TN.

The reason I took this pic was to get the price of gas on the sign: $302. Gas was under $3.10 when I started the trip but kept going up as I went North. It was around $3.50 in Ohio. In less than a week I would fill up for $2.91 in Alabama. The difference in gas prices is mostly due to taxes. With higher taxes you would think that the northern states would have more money to maintain their roads but the roads in the south were in much better shape. I think Ohio spends that extra tax money to hire more State troopers to harass motorists on their interstates

For the most part 231 was a pleasant but not very exciting ride.

Then, somewhere south of Shelbyville, it briefly turned into a very nice road through some wooded hills with some nice sweepers.

But it didn't last.

Back in the Rocket City.

I was done just before noon. Total for the day: 192 miles. I'll wrap up the trip in my next post.
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