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Life can be magical if you allow it to be so.
While camping and relaxing the thought of how to earn a living kept popping into my head. Of course that’s a biggy seeing as Spirit doesn’t run on air like Donald Shimoda’s plane (Illusions, by Richard Bach), nor do I.
Part of me was saying don’t worry, you are willing to work just keep your heart open and expect something to happen. If you believe it will.
The other part of me of course is a tad more skeptical and says, “Gee wiz! Easier said than done!”
Then a small family, husband wife and a teenage son, moved into the campsite next to me. I can vaguely see them through the trees and bushes.
I walked up and said hi, and the woman told me they travel for work. Turns out that they work freelance for GoalZero, a solar panel company that sells small panels for hikers, snowboarders, etc. The life they are living is just perfect. They travel all over the place from destination (which they get to chose) to destination, and every few weeks they market the product at a Costco store for a few days. They get their travel expenses paid and a steady income plus bonus if they sell.
Then she said that they are always accepting applications and are often in need of sales people seeing as not many can handle life on the road.
This job sounds almost too good to be true, but here this hippy couple is making a really good living traveling all over the place in their van and doing their gig at Costco every few weeks. Well, I went online and applied.
Now of course the waiting; if I get it, Wow! If not then hopefully I’ll keep optimistic and open so something else will come my way.
Meanwhile I am enjoying life at the campground.

Yep it rains here every afternoon. My cozy Eureka Mountainpass tent keeps me nice and dry!

Took a ride down the dirt road to a Hindu temple and store, to a Zen temple that was not too spectacular, and to the Chamma Ling center which I had hoped was open to the public but wasn’t. There is another bigger Zen place I will visit today or tomorrow.
The village is growing on me, and everywhere people are talking about life and questioning the “normal” viewpoint of it and the world. It’s awesome to be in a place of like-minded people. Jim, you would love it, and plenty of purty girls too!

There are quite a few places to eat, and not at all expensive

Even though the place is wonderful, I still seem to have the urge to hop on the bike and ride. I might go and ride the million dollar highway in a few days and time it so the I end up in Lake George a few days before the meet, so that I still might get a camping spot.

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