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That would be New Mexico..."That record is dreadful, but Davie should allow the Lobos to improve in the immediate future. Having 14 starters back and hosting both Southern (FCS opponent) and Texas State (homecoming game) gives them a legitimate chance to get at least two victories."

BTW anyone know where WSU/Leach lands on the list? This is one team and Coach that really piques my interest, but oddly, not enough to wade through a liist of 124 teams!
I think UNM has legitimate shots against

Southern, NMSt, TexasSt, ColoSt, and UNLV. So maybe four wins? Two to three is more likely.

Leach is an interesting character indeed. Read his book, I too will be following WaSU.
They're nihilists, Donny, nothing to be afraid of.

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I'm sorry your dog died before you got to beat it with a dead chicken.

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