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I've been shopping for a new bike and have recently taken a look at some maxi-scooters.

I have to say after sitting on a SW, a Burgman, and a used TMAX that I love the butt stopper on the SW. It locks my rear forward and the handlebars push me back leaving me in the most comfortable position I've ever been in while sitting on a two-wheeled vehicle.

I note, the Burgman was similiar because it's stopper is adjustable front-back. The TMAX sits further back and didn't appear to have any adjustment. Despite the TMAX's stopper sitting further back I found I could reasonable sit further forward and get about just as comfortable but might find myself hunting a bit for that sweet spot and hopefully not sliding around too much while riding.

Unfortunately, it is kind of hard to get a test ride in my area because the dealers don't have demo bikes and like to keep their bikes dry until purchased. Based on the seating position alone I keep telling myself I should get the SW though I don't find it as attractive as the TMAX. The dash also looks dated compared to the TMAX.

I've ruled out the Burgman because at Burgman USA I've read about a few (possibly rare) instances of catastrophic expensive repairs around maybe ~50k-ish miles.
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