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Originally Posted by Guy Jinbaiquerre View Post
You got me fair and square, Anthony. Nice vid, and props to you for taking the time to make it.

Maybe I should have gone with a 50 in the Rebel, but there is no way my upper body is as Hulked-out as yours, so I figured I could go smaller. At least you admit the upper arms run tight. That may be the style of the jacket, but it's not a style I like. The tightness in the Rebel sleeves is way different from anything I've felt in a leather jacket, or even a leather track suit, before. If a jacket has this tight-armed style, it would be very helpful to focus on that point in the review video, so people who want that kind of fit can go for it, and people who don't can steer clear.

As a man of my word, I will now buy a jacket of equal or greater value from Revzilla. I have narrowed it down to these two choices:

(1) The Dainese Tourage Vintage leather jacket, in size 50 (which I've already tried on in a store, so I know it fits me well):

... or ...

(2) The Rev'it Horizon HV Energy jacket:

Yes, these are two totally different jackets for different purposes. I'm just concerned about getting the best fit. I like my jackets to have a close fit, not tight but not baggy. The only reason I'm not sure about the Horizon is that it doesn't come in numbered sizes, only letter sizes like S, M, L, and so forth, which are less precise. Could you hear me out and give me some advice on how the Horizon would fit? Here's the details:

-- I'm 5'8" and a half, a size 33 waist in jeans, and my chest measurement is just under 40 inches.

-- My arms are probably about average length for my size. Jacket sleeves are more likely to run a bit long on me than a bit short.

-- I fit very well into a size 50 in the Rev'it Turbine jacket. I tried on a 52 Turbine and I could still wear it, but it was kind of baggy and the sleeves were a bit long.

-- I tried on a 50 Rev'it Tornado and it fits pretty well, but a bit looser than the Turbine. I bet I could wear a 48 in the Tornado, but I haven't tried one on to make sure.

-- Except for the tight sleeves, the Rebel mostly fits me pretty well in a size 48, although the width across the shoulders is a bit narrow for me. I am kind of broad in the shoulders, although not like a bodybuilder or anything.

-- I tried on a size M in the Rev'it Sand jacket, and felt it was definitely too tight.

In the Horizon video, you say the Horizon is a new, roomier, more "American" cut, and you can go a size smaller than you would have in previous Rev'it jackets. I haven't had the chance to try on a Horizon, so I can't say for sure if this means I would fit well into an M, and an L would be baggy and long-sleeved on me. Or would an M still be too tight, like the Sand, and I would be more of an L? If it turns out that I'm between sizes in the Horizon and can't get a really good fit, I would just go with the Dainese Tourage instead, or maybe a Dainese textile jacket in size 50.

Sorry to run on so long, but I want to get this one right! Thanks.
Hi Guy,

You have lots of questions and I will try to address them as best I can in this format, but it would be worth giving us a call if you have the time. The in-depth nature of your questions and comparison across different genres of gear should be addressed in a conversation.
My first reaction is to suggest going with what you know works for you and purchase the Dainese Tourage Jacket in size 50. Given the differences in fit across the model years and type of gear in the REV'IT! collection you've referenced, it might be cost prohibitive for international shipping and / or returns. Unfortunately, the REV'IT! Horizon does not fit like any other REV'IT! product you mentioned you've tried on previously, so fit might be tricky to determine. Based off what you have stated, I would recommend a size Medium in the Horizon, as it fits larger than the Sand Jacket.
In addition, the Horizon is geared towards cooler weather riding, as the waterproofing is fixed in this jacket. If you are looking for something for year-round use, this might be a little warm in the heat of summer, especially if you live in a humid climate.
As I previously mentioned, I personally am available to chat if you would like to discuss further. I am well versed in the REV'IT! collection and would be happy to help you make a selection.

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