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Originally Posted by Damifino View Post
As far as I can tell you did a great job repairing my 86 R80 speedo, my hall effect sensor took a crap right after I got it back from you. I haven't been able to ride the bike much yet.

The tach on my 76 R75/6 started to make a noise like the bearings were bad, then the pointer needle disappeared, I think it is toast, do you think you can fix it?
Sorry to hear about the hall sensor. What I don't like about them is they can fail with no warning. They're great while they're working, but when they're not - a royal PITA!

Are you repairing it yourself or replacing?

The tach may need some parts, or maybe not. It may be the lube was old and sticky, or the shafts and bushings wore out. No way to tell without taking a look. Sometimes, if the the tach isn't disconnected, the magnet will rub on the speed cup and grind it down, leaving grit everywhere. Makes quite a mess!

Yes, I can fix it. The question is just how bad off it is and how much it needs.

Originally Posted by mendoje
What type of preventative or regular maintanance can we perform on our speedometers?
Ensure the mechanism works easily. As oils and greases age, instead of reducing friction they get sticky. That increased resistance can be too much for the nylon gears and they'll eventually strip the teeth.

The next stage after that is the old grease disintigrates leaving metal/metal contact, and then bushings and shafts wear out. As long as there's lube, they seem to last indefinitely.

The best thing is to clean away the old lube then regrease/oil the moving parts.
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