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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
Must be nice to be able to get more then 3K miles out of a tire, wish I could.
It's called a lot of practice if you are not born/raised with the abilty to be SMOOTH.

I once heard of someone getting 36,000 miles out of a chain and sprocket set on a sport bike. I know I never could because I tend towards rapid change in speed both increaseing and decreaseing. But smooth more consistent speed changes will get to a lot more tire, chain and sprocket life.

So if you want to be good to the resources practice a lot of smooth steady transitions. If not just say heck with it and spend a little more time changing tires, chains, and sprockets.

Sort of like trigger squeeze versious rapid pulls. Some get more out nof using little to preciously place one shoot, some like to just pull and count on one of several bullets getting close to the right area. Good to praactice some of both if you have the time and resources.

Maybe we should start a pool. All chip in a kitty. Place the same rear tire on bikes and record od. Person with the most miles out of the rear tire wins the pool just for fun and practice.
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